PM Weimaraners
                      Of Montana
  Dogs in Competition or Titles  Earned  
       CH Midwest Dream N PM's Tru-Beauty "Aurora"
             Aurora's Wins in Canada
Calgary Alberta-Feb. 27-March1st, 2009~ 2pt Major  
Prairie Shado's Belladonna "Bella" NAVHDA NA (Pze II) HAE 53/70
Owner Handled by Heather Genesis 
Calgary Alberta-Januray 30-31, March 1st~ 1 Point
Calgary, Alberta 3/12/2011 ~ Best of Breed ~ 2 Pt Major
(Durango X Jordan daughter 2008)
PM's Huston Colt .45 "Colt"
NASTRA-1st Place -February 2009
NAVHDA Utility Prize II ~ Aug 2011
VHDF AHAE ~ Aug 2011
PM's Kick Em Up Maxamillion "Max"  
Owner Handled by Kate Fornaratto
Title Earned - AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
Eagle Rock Kennel Club, Blackfoot, Idaho~June 11th-12th~2 pts
Both Days Winners, Best of Winners and Best of Opposite
Pocatello Kennel Club, Blackfoot, Idaho~June 13th-14th~2 pts
Both days Winners and Best of Opposite
Farmington KC ~ Farmington, UT ~ 9/12 ~ 9/13, 2009 ~
9/12 ~ Winners, Best of Opposite Sex and Best of Winners
9/13 ~ Winners and Best of Opposite 
Idaho Capital City Kennel Club
10/10  ~  1st in Class, Winners, Best of Opposite
10/11 ~ 1st in Class, Winners, Best of Winners, Best of Breed
        PM Dogs with titles earned or progression
PM's Rikka von der Panu ~ HAE 64/70~ 2 Passes toward AKC JR Hunter (Anna X Piezl '07)  (Longhair Weimaraner)
PM's Crimson and Clover JH ~ AKC Junior Hunter, NAVHDA NA (100 pts) (Field Pointed) (KD X Indy '07)
PM's Southern Bernadette Lace zum Ziel JH, NAVHDA NA (perfect score 112) AKC Junior Hunter
Dago vom Heldenhain JH - AKC Junior Hunter ~ 1 Pass Toward AKC Senior Hunter
PM's Kick Em Up Montana Skye JH ~ AKC Junior Hunter, 2nd Place Open Derby, 2nd Place Amateur Open Derby, 4th Place Open Derby
PM's Rocket On The Rise  ~ 2 Passes toward AKC Junior Hunter 
PM's Charlie Spider Toes  ~ NAVHDA (NA Prize II)(NAVHDA UT Prize II 181 pts) (KD and Indigo Pup "07)
PM's Mad Montana Max - NAVHDA (Natural Ability Prize lll ) (Ava and Gunner Pup '08)
Sir Scouts A Lot Dawson Cramblet JH ~ AKC Junior Hunter (Mike' and Durango Pup '08)
Prairie Shadow's Belladonna ~ HAE 53/70 & NAVHDA NA (Prize II 100 pts) (Durango daughter '08) CKC Bench Pointed
Cuddle vom Oberdeich JH ~ NAVHDA UTILITY PRIZE IIVHDF AHAE 156 AKC Junior Hunter (LH Weim)
CH Midwest Dream N PM's Tru-Beauty ~ AKC Conformation Champion
PM's Aesir Prairie Fire JH  "Loki" ~ AKC JH Title  (Longhair Weimaraner)
CH PM Lazy Heart's Gold Rush Boss JH~ AKC Conformation Champion;  AKC water retrieve passed. 
PM's Houston Colt .45 NAVHDA Utility PRIZE II,  VHDF AHAE 148 
CAN CH Stealyka N PM's Blizzard of OZZ HAE 49/70 ~ 3 Passes toward AKC Junior Hunter ~  (LH Weim)
PM's Blue Star Rigel SH~ AKC Junior Hunter ~ Owners  Gary & Persephone Venable
PM Red's Rockin' Remington ~ NUCS Upland Classics Series~ #5 Amateur Dog @ Nationals Click Here
PM's Sweet Shot Lilly ~AKC JH, NAVHDA (NA Prize I perfect score 112 pts) 2 Passes toward AKC JH, (Birdie X Dago Pup '09)
PM's Saint Patrick's Deacon Blue ~ NAVHDA (NA Prize III) (Niki X Gunner '09) 
PM's Grizz's Ghostly Gray ~ NAVHDA NA (Prize II 103 pts) ~ NAVHDA Utility Prize III  (Ava X Gunner '08)
PM's Third Time Charm ~ NAVHDA NA (Prize III) (Envy X Durango '09)
PM's Arthos Hubertus Burgeist JH ~ AKC Junior Hunter
PM's Gunmetal Strauss - FDJ, NAVHDA NA (100 pts) (Beth X Dago '10)
PM'S Silkie Silvie ~ NAVHDA NA Prize I (110 pts) Highest pointed Longhair in NAVHDA Natural Ability!  (LH Weim)
Arrowrock N PM's Zigonovich ~ NAVHDA NA Prize II, AKC JH (Jade Miller Handler 13 years old)
VC PM's Captain America ~ NAVHDA NA Prize II (108 pts) , UT PI,  HAE 70/80 pts
Alize von Falkenstone ~ NAVHDA NA Prize III (94 pts)
Kiara z Korunova dola ~ Canadian Conformation 2 pt major (Czech Import LH Weim)
Nimiq N Winterhawk's Sellar PM ~ 2 pt major (WB, BOB Canadian Conformation) (Gabriella X Ozzy 2011) (LH Weim)
*PM's Cool Your Jets  ~ NAVHDA NA P II, 103 pts, 2 passes toward FDJ (Birdie X Dixon 2011)
*PM Trax Koda Denahi ~ NAVHDA NA P I (Perfect Score 112 pts) (Birdie X Dixon 2011)
*PM's Greyquest Wild Blue Yonder "Jif" MJX, NAVHDA NA Prize I (112 perfect score) (Birdie X Dixon 2011)
*CH PM's Grollender Donner Und Blitz JH,NRD,NSD, V  NAVHDA NA P III  (Birdie X Dixon 2011)
CH PM 'N' Regen's Porche Speedster "Wheels" ~ VCD1, TD, NRD, V,  NAVHDA NA P II (95 pts)(13 pts toward AKC CH including both majors) (Aurora X Quinn 2011) Best puppy in Sweeps
PM Trax Koda Denahi ~ NAVHDA NA P I (Perfect Score 112 pts) (Birdie X Dixon 2011)
PM's Aspen Mercedes Mclaren "Copper" ~ NAVHDA NA P II, (96 pts) (Aurora X Quinn 2011)
PM's Lamborghini Sesto Elemento "Stella" ~ NAVHDA NA P III, (98 pts) (Aurora X Quinn 2011)
CAN CH CAN CH PM Lazy Heart's Bugatti Super Sport "Boogie" ~ 1st Bench Point AKC Conformation Title! (Aurora X Quinn 2011)
PM's Cajun Queen (Shelby) ~ NAVHDA NA PII (99 pts) (Cayenne X Boss 2011)
PM's Montana Hannah ~ NAVHDA NA P II (88 pts) Owner Handled
PM's Ruger Super Royal Secretariat ~ NAVHDA NA P II (95 pts) (Clover X Boss 2011) 
PM's Hot Tottie ~ NAVHDA NA P1 (107 pts) VIZSLA!! (Owner/Trainer and Junior Handler Jade Miller)
AM/CAN CH Camelot's Good Morning Starshine - American and Canadian Conformation Champion! Group Placing!
PM's Slated for Alaska Living CGC, RN -  AKC STAR Puppy Owner Handled by Elizabeth Pollen
PM's LH Silber Ozz Von Sturm ~ CD, RN, CGC,  -  Owner Handled Linda Elder (#4 Obedience Dog in the PAC System)
PM & Regen's Montana New Year ~ CDX,SD,CGC,NRD,V, NAVHDA NA P I (112 perfect score! AKC Bench Pointed - BOB over specials) 
(Clover X Boss 2011) Owner Handled by Carol Meshon
Annie XI MH (AKC Master Hunter) (Birdie X Dago '09) Owner/Co-Owner Handled Rich Tyra
US/CAN CH PM Trax Day Tripper  NAVHDA NA PI (112 Perfect Score) (CKC Best Puppy in Sporting Group)
PM Trax Tomfoolery TD, FDJ (CKC Show Pointed)
FC PM Trax Trigger Happy NAVHDA NA P I  108 pts
PM's Blue River First Guinness ~ NAVHDA NA P I (110 pts) AKC JH
PM's Kamikazi Cami V Martinsen MH ~ NAVHDA NA P I (perfect score 112) LH Weimaraner Cami is the ONLY LH MH in the USA
PM's Big Water Pippilotta ~ NAVHDA NA P I (perfect score 112) Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer (Trainer JR Handler Jade Miller)
GRCH PM's Briar Rose ~ NAVHDA NA PIII (AKC Conformation Champion)(3 Five Point GrCH Majors)
PM's The Boss's Daughter ~ NAVHDA NA P III (Trainer JR Hander Jade Miller)
GRCH CH PM's Shoot Em Up Cowbow ~  JH, NAVHDA NA P III
PM's Rare Blue Jasper ~ NAVHDA NA P III (Owner handled by Joe Blaine) 
CAN CH PM's Kiruna Polar Night ~ NAVHDA NA P II
CAN GrCH PM's Shoot The Breeze At Prairiestorm Aurora X Stoli
                      CH Midwest Dream N PM's Tru-Beauty "Aurora"
               Wins in the USA   
Fargo, North DakotaJune 2009
1st in Class,Winners, Best of Winners ~ 2 Points
Electric City Kennel Club~ Great Falls, MT June 19-20th 1st in Class and Winners. 1 Point
Portland Kennel Club~July 17-19, 2009 ~ 
July 17th~ Best in Sweepstakes at the WillametteWeimaraner Club Specialty 11 entries  
July 18th, 2009~ Winners bitch out of 19 females for 4 point major win
July 19th, 2009~ Winners bitch out of 19 females for 4 point major win again!
Hurricane Ridge Kennel Club ~ July 25-26, 2009 (Winners Bitch and Reserve)
July 25th, 2009~ Sequim, Wa ~ 2 points
Eugene KC ~ Sept 3-5th, 2009 ~ (Winners Bitch and Best of Winners)  2 pts
New AKC Champion!!!
Handlers: Nancy Lane and Kevin Chestnut
Owners: Dawna Miller/Rhonda Grimm

                         CH PM Lazy Heart's Goldrush Boss JH "Boss"
Yellowstone Valley Kennel Club ~ June 16-18, 2009
1st in class, Winners, Best of Opposite (6/17) ~ 1 Point
1st in class, Winners Dog, Best of Opposite (6/18) ~ 1 Point
Electric City Kennel Club~ Great Falls, MT June 19-20th, 2009 
1st in Class, Reserve Winners Dog, Group 1 Best of Bred By  (6/19 & 6/20)
Bismark Kennel Club ~ July 30-Aug 2nd, 2009 ~ Bismark, North Dakota
1st in class, Winners Dog (Aug 1st, 2009) 3 Point Major
1st in class, Winners Dog, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite 3 Point Major (8/2)
Helena Kennel Club ~ Sept. 19-20, 2009 ~ Helena, Montana
1st in class, Winners Dog, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite 1 Point (9/20)
Rapid City Kennel Club ~ Oct. 15-17th, 2009 ~ Rapid City, SD 3 Point Major
1st in class, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite, Best of Breed (over specials!)10/17
Bismarck Kennel Club Aug. 5th-8th, 2010 ~ Bismarck, ND 
Winners Dog, Best of Winners 8/7, Reserve Winners Dog 8/5-8/6 1 Point
GSP Club of Montana ~ Aug 20-21st, 2010 ~ Hunt Test/Water Retrieve Test
1st Leg Toward AKC Junior Hunter, Water Test Passed ~ 8/21 (Handler Dawna Miller)
April 2011 ~ 2nd Pass, Aug. 2011 3rd and 4th Pass. AKC Junior Hunter Awarded
Helena MT Kennel Club ~ Sept 25-26th, 2010 ~ Helena, MT 
1st in class, Winners Dog 9/25, 1st in class, Reserve Winners Dog 9/26  1 Point 
Rapid City Kennel Club ~ Oct. 23-25th, 2010 ~ Rapid City, South Dakota 2 Pts
1st in class, Winners Dog, Best of Opposite 10/24 & 10/25   NEW CHAMPION!! 
Handler/Breeder/Co-Owner: Nancy Lane/Lazy Heart's Kennel
Owner: Dawna Miller PM Weimaraners
PM's Aesir Prairie Fire JH  "Loki" 
Weimaraner Club of Greater Kansas City ~ Lee's Summit, MO
1st Pass AKC JH  (10/4/09)
Show Me Vizsla Club ~ Lee's Summit, MO
2nd and 3rd Pass AKC JH (10/10 &10/11/09)
Iowa Brittany Club ~ Eddyville, IA  (10/18/2009)
4th Pass ~ AKC Junior Hunter Earned!!
 Murfitt's Truckin Kenworth (Gunner & Ashes' Son) ~
 Bismark Kennel Club ~ July 30-Aug 2nd ~ 2009 ~ Bismark, North Dakota
 1st in Class ~ JUDGE: Mr Robert L Boothe
 Helena Kennel Club ~ Sept. 19-20, 2009 ~ Helena, Montana (Judge Judy Webb
 1st in class, Winners Dog, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite 2 Points (9/18)

Clover Wins the Derby at the Mid America   Weimaraner Classics September  2009
Aurora 7 months old
Aurora 15 months old
PM's Blue Star Rigel SH ~ (Gabriella X Durango '08)
Mile High Weimaraner Club ~ Strausburg Colorado 
1st Pass ~ 4-25/2010
2nd & 3rd Pass ~ 
4th Pass ~
Vizsla Club of Colorado ~  
4/15/2011 ~ 1st Pass Senior Hunter
Mile High Weimaraner Club ~
4/23 & 3/24/2011 ~ 2nd & 3rd Pass Senior Hunter
4th Pass ~ Senior Hunter Awarded!
Rigel is owner trained and handled by Gary V  *smile* 
Go Team "V"  
CAN CH Stealyka N PM's Blizzard of Ozz VHDF HAE
Fergus, Ontario Canada
4/23/2010 ~ Winners Dog ~  1 PT
4/25/2010 ~ Best of Breed & Best Puppy ~ 2 PT Major
Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
5/22/2010 ~ Reserve Winners Dog
Thank You Judge Tom Burke
5/22/2001 ~ Winners Dog ~ Best of Win ~BOB ~ 2 PT Mjr
Thank You Judge Sandy Gelinas

5/23/2010 ~ Winners Dog ~ Best of Winners 1 PT
Thank You Judge Micheal Gelinas
5/23/2010 ~ Winners Dog ~ Best of Win ~ BOB ~ 2 PT Mjr
Thank you Judge Donna Cole

5/24/2010 Reserve Winners Dog ~
Thank You Judge Allan Bennett
5/24/2010 ~ Winners Dog ~ Best of Breed ~ 2 PT Mjr
Thank You Judge Chris Neilson
Handlers: Ward Bailey/Breezy Powell
Owner: Dawna Miller/PM Weimaraners

4/15 ~ 4/16/2011 ~ GSP Club of Montana, Three Forks, Montana
1st & 2nd Pass Toward AKC Junior Hunter
3rd Pass Toward JH ~ 8/2011
Handler: AKC Junior Handler Jade Miller
PM's Saint Patrick's Deacon Blue (Niki X Gunner '09)
Cheyenne NAVHDA Club ~ NA Prize III
Cheyenne, WY ~ June 2010
Owner Handled by Scott Wolfe ~
PM's Grizz's Ghostly Gray (Ava X Gunner '08)
OFA ~ Excellent ~ Elbows Normal ~ CERF Normal
Treasure Valley NAVHDA club ~ Prize II (103 pts)
Nampa, Idaho ~ Aug 2010
Montana Sharptail Chapter ~ UPT, P III  Aug. 2011
Owner Handled by Wayne Burton ~
 PM's Third Times Charm (Envy X Durango '09)
 Big Sky NAVHDA Chapter ! Prize III (94 pts)
 Ninepipes, MT ~ Sept 5th, 2010
 Owner Handled by Wayne Burton ~ 
Wayne and Abby
pheasant peeking!
Gary and Rigel ~ 1St Pass toward              AKC Senior Hunter
At the Starting Line Ready to hunt
   PM's Grollender Donner Und Blitz Major Win toward AKC Championship!